Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes, Special Greetings Sister

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Could you Snuff all Candles on your Cake or Should I seek help of the Fire Department??  Happy Birthday!
Funny Birthday Wishes, You Old Man!!!
Stop Trying to Count the Candles & just blow them out before they set the House on Fire.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! But Warning: No other activities, Today!! You Require all your Energy for Blowing out the Candles!

Forgot About the What has Happened in the Past, You Cannot Change it.,
Forget About What Will Happen in Coming Future, You Cannot Predict it.
Forget About  What is Going to Happen in Present, I did not Get you One!
Many More Happy Birthday Wishes..
Do you think the Age is a Funny thing and you can ignore It?
Wait till you have a look a yourself in the Mirror..
Happy Birthday!
So Far, this is the Oldest you have ever Been.. Have a Great Birthday Wishes to U…
When the Candles Cost You More than the Cake,

Understand that you are actually getting Old.
Happy Birthday!

Don’t let your old age let you down Because it is too Hard to take the Back up
Many more Happy Returns of the Day.

Don’t worry about Getting Aged, it just Means that Now
You can Get the Best Seat on the Bus. Happy Birthday!

It is Been Proven Scientifically that People who Celebrate more Birthdays live Longer.
My Sweet Birthday Wishes to U.
Do not let your Old Age let you Down Because it is Too hard to take the Back Up!
My Cute Funny Wishes to U..
Please do not Complain About your Increasing Age,
I know Truth Hurts but it shall Set you Free,
So break Free my Dear Friend, Cute Happy Birthday Wishes to you!
Why Several Candles for such a Little Cake and why not several Cakes for a Single Candle! Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister :

Dear Sister you are so Sweet, Lovely and annoying. Wait, Don’t be Angry! I was just Trying to Make my Wishes Funny 🙂 Happy Birthday Dear Sister!
Since Today’s your Birthday, I’ll do you the Favor of not telling everyone about your Childhood Pranks. Have a Great Funny Birthday Wishes to U! Cheers!
Dear Sister, you are a Source of Joy in my Life and I am so Grateful for You. My Heart full Happy Funny Birthday Wishes to U..!   🙂

 Dear Sister, you have been both a Joy and a Pain in my Life, though I think perhaps a Greater Joy. You know what I’m Saying. Celebrate with Funny Birthday Wishes! ha..haa..

My Dear Sister, You
are Mom’s Second Favorite Child… Guess Who is No. #1 . . .   🙂  My Special Funny Birthday Wishes to You!

your Birthday, I am not going to tell you how you look because I don’t want to Spoil your Appetite for your 
Favorite Birthday Cake.  Celebrate My Best Funny Birthday Wishes on this Special Day…

Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister :

You are Lucky I made all the Mistakes for you First. Celebrate the Beautiful & Funny Birthday with Special Wishes!

You are so Sweet, Kind and Thoughtful..! Thank you for being
such a Wonderful Younger Sister. Have a Great Birthday Wishes to U..
You are
such a Special Younger Sister, I don’t know who I would Tease without You. My Best Blessings & Funny Birthday Wishes With Love !

your Older Sister is Going to show you how to Party. Get Ready for Funny Birthday Celebrations! 

No matter how Old
you Get, you will always be my Sweet Little Sister. Lovely Birthday Wishes & Happy Celebrations my Cute Sister..!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Older Sister :

Even though you are Getting Older than me, I hope we’ll Never be too Old to Play Together! Enjoy the Special Day …

You are My Sister, My Foe, My Friend, My Crime Partner, My Muse, My Judge and My accomplice.. You are in short, My Sister.. Fruitful and Funny Birthday Celebrations with Cute Wishes…

Sister! Sister!! Sister!!! Sister!!!! Sis! Sis!! Sis!! Sis! Did I get your attention yet? It’s
your Birthday! Have an Incredible Day! Happy Birthday Special Wishes and Celebrate the Funny 🙂 Day..

Though the Distance may be far between Us, I know the Love we have for each other
knows no Boundaries. Funny Birthday Wishes from Your Dear Brother  🙂

Thank you for Making so many Mistakes Growing Up. I Really Learned a Lot from You.
Happy Funny Birthday Wishes to U..

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